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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Fashions, Fads and following the Trends.

G pr, mozrank, compete and alexa, back links, deep links, reciprocal and link partners

In a ever changing market its hard to know what to focus on and what it all means.
By no means do I claim myself to be an expert in the area though have through the course of promoting my website http://www.themafiawrz.eu have had reason to delve somewhat with n the ranks and hope to explain a little more in regards to what is believed to be the big four in ranking terms and the current hows, what, do's and dont's...

What are google , mozrank, compete and alexa rankings and what do they mean?

Ok to put it simply these are tools search engines use to rank your page/website. There importance and relevance varies from post to post and one thing for sure is that there weighting is dependent entirely on the search engine using it. For instance if i was to rank high for a keyword in yahoo though not google the reason could be either google hasn't indexed all the pages yahoo has OR yahoo uses different elements of those/these tools to determine how they rank their pages.

Google pr as its name describes was designed by the google team, it allocates a page rank "pr" to your site from na, 0-10. The higher the ranking the more authority attributed your site.
Page Rank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be. Also, the importance of the page that is casting the vote determines how important the vote itself is. It also takes into account things like anchor text , titles and relevance of sites sharing links

Mozrank shows how popular a page or website is on the web. The more links to a page, the more popular it becomes. Links from important pages increase your popularity and your mozRank as it does with google. Domains linked to the website , the number of backlinks, authority or popularity, trust, spam, freshness and relativity of data and content all impact on your overall rank

The Compete Rank is based on Unique Visitors and does not consider page views or number of visits made to the site. Rank is often used as a compliment to Unique Visitors to provide a relative metric that shows the significance of a site. As with alexa rank should be used as an estimate only.

Alexa rank is determined by unique hits to your site, it is attributed through the use of toolbars and the like. Visitors logging in whilst using these tool bars , such as search status plugin for firefox or alexa tool bars allow alexa to gather information on these sites. They rank on frequency and number of unique hits. There are definite flaws in ranking when relying on alexa as it is reliant on users having such tools installed. Sites ranking high usually have a high number of industry , it and web masters visiting it as these peoples are the most likley to have such tools installed. Though it is unreliable and basing your strategies long term on alexa rank is ill advised , it is still used by many marketing and search engine companies as a valid and highly used ranking tool.

And backlinks, deep links, reciprical and link partners?

All the rage a few years ago was to have links plastered anywhere and everywhere resulting in sites that where termed link farming. A link farm is a site with nothing but cluster of jumbled links to random pages cross the net. at this time your ranking increased depending on the total number of links the search engines bots found. Ths is not true of todys standards and link strategies have since evolved. It is important to remember though what is now acceptable may not always be the case as se are always optimizing and revising there algorithms and how they rate sites. It is far better to steer away from means that may in future have you blacklisted.

Back links by very nature are links on other sites that point back to your site. These accumulate and based on varying factors increase your page rank.
Deep links re back links to your site though pertain to other pages deep within. Doing this directs search engines to index deeper into your site and helps spread authority.
Link partners are other sites that youve agreed to exchange links with. they should usually be sites that have or share relevance with each other as this increases he links worth and helps to increase your overall rank.
Reciprocal links are similar to link partners though the relevance is not usually the case. You may come across reciprocal links when submitting your site to such places as link diretories ie ; http://submitit.info/directory/

Taking all these things into account and basing your strategy on a long term plan should insure success in future website endeavours


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