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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Judge and jury -www.themafiawarz.eu- Free online game

Often times I often find my self having to be the deciding matter in things id prefer not to have to interfere in.

This I believe is the domain of most all web masters and administrators of any social site. We run a free online rpg www.TheMafiaWarz.eu and as the name suggests is based on the day to day life of the Mafia. The interaction between players is live and the object to help your family win. We have live chat rooms , a number of public msg boards, forums and player profile's.

Obviously at times with so many mediums of communication and the object being to take out your opponent, things can tend to get a lil heated and sometimes personal opinions tend spill over and like a virus , infects the service.

Things that often come in to debate tend to be more the common mistakes, ie; religion race and politics. Surprisingly still in todays day and age people still feel the right to shove their opinions down each others mouths..

I very much like open debates and hate to feel that i as the all seeing moderator (whatever qualifies me for that?) should have to step in and intercede and stifle peoples thoughts. Unfortunately the play ground antics of school that we thought so far behind us , still beckon, knocking on our cyber doors.

In politics i believe open forum is good , as people often times dont see or wont listen , these mediums allow for multiple opinions on this matter and generally encourage a healthy debate... If your familiar with politicians in Indonesia , lol often times though it can easily lead to outright chaos so is a very delicate balance.

So you can allow discussion but at what risk and are you prepared to face the consequences when it turn out just that lil bit nasty.

Other hot topics and ones I don't believe belong in any way anywhere on boards and networks where the direct opinions are not reflected by all and most certainly not on my site.. Race and Religion. I very much personally enjoy the discussion into religion and there varieties though as with race i find there are people out there who should not be involved in such discussions through ignorance or hate and therefore discourage it entirely.

Finally on this matter and im sure there are a lot more to hand which i will have to get back to you later about is the issue of mothers... Your mommas so fat she has her own post code, lol now as understandably stupid and childish as that is and certainly in most often cases a joke. You would be surprised how many people are offended by them. Why? well unfortunately some of us haven't parents around any more and is amazing how something so little such as a joke can hurt so deeply.

May we all step carefully and avoid treading in toes in these social minefields that today are our playgrounds

Keep on gaming guys the futures only looking brighter.

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