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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More sugar than salt -www.themafiawarz.eu- Free Online Game

Enduring hard times is not the only thing that sees a site succeed , often times it is also a good measure of patience common sense and a little bit of though. Often times the strongest urge needs to be overcome for the benefit of success no matter if it requires half your tongue, lol Biting your lip can be something to heed

Its very often i find my self having to hold my tongue. Im glad for insistence there is a keyboard in front of me and my typing fingers dont run as quick as my mouth , lol . Not to mention i have usually calmed before my tirade of words has half appeared on the screen and am left staring at a blinking dash just beckoning me to commit administrative sacrilege.

It goes with out saying then that abusing your clients is not a good thing, no matter how warranted it may be. I run a free online mafia game www.themafiawarz.eu and as the name suggests is based in the mafia world. It amazes me how many times i get messaged in theme from players , with there thug attitudes and on-line Hangups. Now granted its a device of my own creating and i shouldn't expect much from a Mafia jacked up group vying for domination and not everyone is like that. Though it is important to observe the rule of business where at the end of the day the customer is always right... i like to add a twist to that, almost... :)

Customer relations is very important and your interactions with your visitors are very important. I grew up in the restaurant industry for insistence and is a common saying if you have a happy customer your lucky theyll walk away and tell three people if you have an unhappy one , they'll tell ten.
It is important to be polite and prompt with your replies and always follow them up. People hate to be left hanging and more importantly if there a new client, you probably wont get the chance again to make it up to them.
Last but not least always reread your msgs ,i often find my self retyping them over and over again as is important to be clear and explain everything to the best of you ability and make the customer feel informed.

Other than that and a big dose of patience , you should be knocking down those support requests in no time:)

An online mafia game experience and one of the Hottest Multiplayer Free Online Games around

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